CEO Message


Dear our esteemed shareholders and clients, I am Chul Mo Ku, CEO of JTC Inc.

Since the JTC Inc. foundation in 1993, we have continuously endeavored to be listed in the KOSDAQ market. As a result, with the profound meaning of JTC Inc’s 25th anniversary, we are now listed in the KOSDAQ (Korean Securities Dealer Automated Quotation) market. We ponder that being listed in the KOSDAQ market is just a small step towards JTC’s goal of becoming the “Innovative Tourism Group”.

Japanese tourism industry has grown rapidly for past couple of years and JTC has grown parallel with it. In the year 2013, JTC reached the ¥10 billion sales ($94 million) while more than 10 million people visited Japan. Three years later in 2016, JTC reached¥50 billion sales ($468 million) with more than 24 million people visiting Japan.

In Asia, tourism industry is believed to have entered a growth phase due to the improvement of average income levels. In addition, along with favorable Japanese government’s policy, foreign visitors’ population in Japan is expected to grow continuously.

With the favorable market back ground, JTC is aiming to reach the sales of ¥100 billion ($950 million) by 2022. Also, with our core tax-free business, we will unite the tour-related business to become an “Innovative Tourism Group”. Based on our vision we promise to continually provide invaluable service with high quality products in order to become an outstanding enterprise.

Thank you.

Chulmo Ku
President&Chief Executive Officer
April 2018

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